Who is Gretchen Dorian?

Focal Length:38mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Gretchen Dorian is a photographer of wonderful images. She resides in Northern Lower Michigan.  Gretchen documents the life around her through her images, whether they are water, animal, organic or not. Follow her on this blog as she describes “the story” behind her photographs and what’s going on in her life.

Gretchen’s Portfolio can be found at: gretchen dorian photography



4 comments on “Who is Gretchen Dorian?”

  1. Gretch, Love the look of your blog ! Great photos and wonderful writing content. Keep up the great work, you have an excellent way of seeing the world. Love, Bart

  2. Love it. Didn’t know you had this going. We’ll have to spread it around w/ the BYC folks. Wish I could tell ya MJ and I were coming up soon. Just goin abit crazy and haven’t got the plans laid down for the anniversary yet.

    Love ya, Shu

  3. Gretchen this is really great. I have never taken part in a blog before nor have I ever even looked for one. I love you Tree Study and the Snails. Love Fay

  4. Hey; great photos and great stories. Hope you are going to publish a hard copy book one of these days, as you are really talented in both photography and writing. And thanks for putting me on your mailing list.

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